Essential Firefox Add-ons for IT Technicians

Firefox addons for IT techniciansFollowing my previous article about Chrome extensions for techs, here is one for the Firefox fans. Some of the plugins here are the same as those on the Chromium but not all. So if Firefox is your browser du jour, check these out:

Cliget – this is a super handy plugin which creates curl and wget commands automatically which you can use to download files from web links that would otherwise not work outside the browser (due to cookies, useragent and referrer). In other words you can use this to download files directly to a server instead of having to download to your PC first.

IPvFox – this addon will show you all the ip’s & hosts that content is loaded from on the page being viewed and will indicate if ipv4 or ipv6 is being used.

HttpFox – this one will monitor all the http traffic traveling between your browser and the server, so you can see things like cookies, http headers, query strings, POST params and the response body.

DNS Flusher – use this to reload the brower dns cache when changing the ip/host mapping to see the effect immediately.

Clippings – Saves and manages your frequently-entered text which you can then easily paste into web forms in Firefox or in Thunderbird messages.

FireShot – easily take screenshots of web pages with this addon. A bit like Snagit but only browser based.

SQLite Manager – a great addon which allows you to manage through your browser, any SQLite database you have on your computer.

PassIFox – use this to integrate your browser (Firefox and Chrome) with your KeePass password manager.

Not actually a Firefox addon, but still Mozilla, Enigmail adds PGP message encryption (using GnuPG) to your Thunderbird mail client.

If the above is not enough to power up your browser, there’s loads more to be found in this collection!

Hopefully you find these useful but if you have any suggestions for more handy browser plugins or addons for techies, let me know!

If you’re a Chrome fan then perhaps these extensions will be more to your liking.

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